The Wayne Boucaud Radio Show Blackin3D Presents-In Conversation with Freemoor...

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Your chance to hear me being interviewed by Wayne Boucaud on the Wayne Boucaud Radio Show,

" Blackin3D Presents-In Conversation with Rock's finest Singer,Songwriter,Multi-Instrumentalist,Producer - Freemoor, talking about the new e.p. 'Alive', his time spent in the UK, his 'personal challenges', his work as a producer, his major influences, 'radio revolution' and lots more...! "

Interview kicks in at 56 mins into the radio show but the whole show is worth listening to Wayne Boucaud Rocks! #TheWayneBoucaudRadioShow #Freemoor #Interview #BlackIn3D #K2KRadio #electricmusic #ProgressiveRockMusic

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